Introducing the new Call to Action button widget, which can be a differentiator for your ads. The CTA button is available on eDirectory v13 on the Listing Templates Editor.

Please, follow the step by step below to add the Call to Action button to your Listing Template:

  1. Log into your Site Manager and go to “Content”

  1. At the “Content” section, click on “Listings”

  2. Then, click on “Listings Templates”

  3. And select the Listing which you’d like to add the Call to Action button.

  1. Scroll the page until the part you’d like to add the Call to Action button and click on “+” or at the “Add the widget” button at the end of the page.


  1. Find the “Call to Action button” and click on it.

  1. After that, we will start creating a label for this widget, it serves to indicate the purpose of this button for the advertiser. Let's do a simulation that I'm a real estate agent and I'm looking to sell a house in my ad. For this, I will indicate that it is a button for sales.

  2. If you want this button to be a required field for your advertiser to fulfill, you can activate this here.

  1. Now comes the part where you can edit your button style. You’ll have enormous versatility in how you can create this button and also make different compositions and applications with it. 

    1. It can be a standard filled button; 

    2. outlined where it will have only its outline and also the forms of alignment, if it will be extended, or if it will be aligned to the center, left or right.

  1. Next, you’ll need to add a label for the button (that’s what our ad visitors will read). In this case, it will be: "Make an offer".

  2. At last, hit “Save”.

  1. Don’t forget to also “Save Changes” at the Listing Templates Editor page.

Already on the page of the administrator where you can create the ad, it will make filling the field "sales button" available, in this case, it will be down here. You’ll need to add a link to redirect to another site, according to the purpose of your button.

After that, just save and go! We added our button widget.