At eDirectory’s v13 you’ll now be able to edit the design of the listing detail page, using the same widget-based logic already present in the Page Editor in the v12. Using drag and drop elements to design exclusive pages to each Template.

You can choose from 26 different widgets to create listing detail pages with one column or with a column plus a sidebar. You can now create unlimited tabs to display the content of your listings but if you prefer having a single tab you can, it’s up to you to determine the look-and-feel of your pages with ease, and no code-knowledge required. Use the widgets to create unlimited custom fields. After creating the custom fields, configure the Levels & Prices section to select which plan will display these fields.

Let’s learn a little bit more about your new widgets options:

Summary Cards

For the search results page, you can choose one among eleven options of cards for summary views when creating a Listing Template. These cards were designed to meet different proposals and different needs.

Linked Listings

Easily associate other listings to one specific page. For example, if you are listing a Medical Clinic and want to highlight its professional’s profiles, with a few clicks, you can add the Linked Listings Widget on the page and display these profiles in an associated way. 

Related Listings

This is a great way to keep your users exploring your content and spend more time on your site. Simply add the Related Listings widget on the template and customize the rules to display rich content.

Call-to-Action button

Easily place a button on the listing detail page, customizing its label and destination URL. You can create a “Buy Now”, “Book appointment” that goes to an external shopping cart or booking system. Create whatever call-to-action you need for your advertisers.

About Widget

At this Widget, you can add basic information about your Listing, Professional, or person linked to this Listing Template.

Additional Information

In this field, you’ll be able to add text information and files to be downloaded by the users and visitors. 


This widget can be used to list the Features of the Listing associating a small text with icons. 

Photo Gallery

This is the same Photo Gallery you already know on eDirectory, but you can now add the widget in any place you desire on the Listing Template.

Recent Reviews

With this Widget, you’ll be able to display the most recent reviews from the Listing.

Reviews Paginated

Displays all the reviews from the Listings using pagination to organize the reviews.

Video Widget

Like the Photo Gallery, the Video Widget is the same widget you already know but now you can add it wherever you desire.

Associated Deals

If the Listing has any deals associated, this widget will display those deals. You can add it on the Deals tab or any other tab you desire.


In this field, you can add the Working Hours of your Listing.


You can now add more banners to your Listing Detail Page. There are several options of banners for you to choose and add on the main page or on the sidebar.


It’s a Graphic element used to separate the information giving a sense of organization and clarity for the page.

Associated Classifieds

If the Listing has any Classifieds associated with it, this Widget will display those Classifieds.


In this widget, you’ll be able to create lists and your Sponsors will choose the corresponding items to their business.


Text widget to describe the Listing.

More Details

Group of small text fields for several uses. 


The old dropdown field for the Sponsor to choose between several options.


Use this widget to create different scales for pricing and other items.