Introducing a major change implemented to version 13, the Related listings widget has the function of displaying more listings on a listing detail page according to predefined criteria by category and location. It is different from the linked listings widget, where the association is manually done.


For this tutorial, we will pretend to be advertising a property and the related listings widget will display other houses in the same neighborhood.

To display the related listings, first, you'll have to add this widget on a listing template. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Site Manager and go to “Content”

  1. At the “Content” section, click on “Listings”

  2. Then, click on “Listings Templates”

  3. And select the Listing Templated which you’d like to add the Related Listings Widget.

  1. Scroll the page until the part you’d like to add the Related Listings Widget and click on “+” or at the “Add the widget” button at the end of the page.

  1. Find the “Related Listings” Widget and click on it.


  1. With the widget editor open, you will choose the label for the registration form. In our case, we’ll put "Other houses in the region".

  2. Then you need to choose "How would you like your listings to appear?". There are options by category, location, or both. We’ll choose "location" since we want the houses in the same neighborhood to appear in the property listing.

  3. Now you’ll choose two criteria to order the results. The first option will have greater weight. We’ll choose "Most Viewed". The second option is used if there is a tie between the display order of the related listings. So we’re going to choose "Alphabetical"



  1. Then, you need to choose how many items you’d like to be displayed and the number of columns.

  2. Choose which plans will be displayed on the related listings widget. In this case, we’ll choose "bronze and silver".

  3. Then just save and go. All pages that are linked to this "listing template" will display the related listings widget.



  1. Don’t forget to also “Save Changes” at the Listing Templates Editor page.