At the 'Promotions & Packages' interface of the 'Promote' section of the Site Manager, you may create, edit or delete Promotional codes.

Here you will see the following information regarding your promotional codes.

  • Code: The name of the code. This is what users will need to type in order use it.
  • Repeat: This gives the information if the code is reusable or not by the same user.
  • Expiration date: The maximum date until the promo code is considered valid. After this date, the code may not be used anymore.
  • Amount: How much the code is actually worth, in either percentage (%) or a fixed value in the set local currency.
  • Status: This will show if the code is still valid for usage or not.
  • Options: The site manager may choose to edit or delete the promotional codes.

For more information on Promotional Codes, check our article on How to use Promotional Codes.