Need help managing your eDirectory?

You can always add more people to perform various functions on your eDirectory site.

1. At the Site Manager dashboard, in Site manager accounts, click on Add new manager 

On this screen you can manage all manager accounts on your eDirectory system.

2. On the Add manager account screen, fill out the required information such as

  • First and Last names
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Permissions

Phone and IP restriction are optional.

3.  Fill out the new manager's Name and E-mail address.

Their E-mail will be both its contact and username.

4. Insert a secure password.

Important: Always choose strong passwords.

Use passwords with Capital letters, special symbols (such as: *#$%).

5. Select the appropriate permissions.

Important: Select only the permissions the manager will require.

In this case, the manager will be responsible for Content and Design only.


6. (Optional) For an extra layer of security, you may restrict IP Addresses from where the site managers will be accessing the site.

7. Toggle the account status to active and press Save.


You are all set!

The manager's status, permissions and other account information may be changed at any time.