Client ID and Redirect URL 

First, you will need to already have a client ID created during the process of app-building. With the App ID set up, you can integrate Apple Login into your app.

1. Go to Identifiers and click on "+":

2. Select Services IDs and then Continue.

3. Choose a name for the description, and for the identifier use your app bundle from the App Builder (usually starts with com.arcasolutions.builder...) and add .login to the end of it. For instance: com.arcasolutions.builder123456789.login. And then click Continue.

4. Click on Register.

Click back on the identifier created, it and you should be able should be to configure your identifier's sing in. Put your apps id and your domain and subdomain. 

The domain must not include a protocol (https://) and trailing slash (/), or it will throw an Invalid domain error.

PS: Return URL must be

Continue then save the identifier.

5. Now, go back to the first screen, select Keys and click on "+":

6. Select Sign in with Apple and Configure.

7. Select your app ID and Save

8. You can then view your Key ID and download it. Both the Key ID and the file you just downloaded will be used on the next steps, please make sure to save them. 

9. Now go to Membership menu in the Apple Developers home page.

10Copy your Team ID: 

11. Now, go to your sitemgr -> Sign In options and fill out all of the boxes:

        11.1- Team ID: Steps and 10

        11.2- Key ID and Private key: Step 8.

        11.3- Client ID: Use your Bundle ID (You can find it on your app builder, for instance:

        com.arcasolutions.builder123456789.login) it needs to have the .login at the end. 


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