Client ID and Redirect URL 

First, you will need to already have a client ID created during the process of app-building. With the App ID set up, you can integrate Apple Login into your app.

1. Create an identifier on the Identifier menu.

2. Select Services IDs and then continue.

3. Choose a name for the description, and for the identifier use your app bundle from the App Builder (usually starts with com.arcasolutions.builder...) and add .login to the end of it. Ex: com.arcasolutions.builder123456789.login . And then click continue.


Click back on the identifier created, it and you should be able should be to configure your identifier's sing in. Put your apps id and your domain and subdomain. 

The domain must not include a protocol (https://) and trailing slash (/), or it will throw an Invalid domain error.

PS: Return URL must be https://YourDomain/sponsors/appleauth.php

Continue then save the identifier.

5. Go to Keys Menu and create a new one.

6. Select Sign in with Apple and continue.

7. Select your app ID and save. You can then view your key ID and dowload it.

The key ID and the file must be uploaded to your's sitemgr Sign in options.

Team id can be found on Membership menu in the apple Developers.

To finish the settings, the Client ID field is the same as the package name that was used in the third step.