Currently eDirectory works with the 200px x 80px format for logos. Now in the eDirectory's 13.1 version, we have updated the width to 250px and  two height variables (100px and 80px). 

How will it work?

If the user uploads an image up to 80px in height, we will maintain the standard which was already established by eDirectory, always respecting the 12px margin marked in purple in the image above.

If the image is less than 80px in height, it will be aligned to the left of the image, like the following example:

When the image has more than 80px in height, the logo format will be changed to 250px x 100px, always keeping the 12px margin.

The widgets that will follow this rule:



For the Header with Contact Phone and Navigation with Centered Logo widgets, the rules will be the same.

The difference between the previous example is related to the logo's width, which will have a maximum size of 750px, due to the fact that it has a larger application area.

Because of this expanded area, it is recommended to apply a 16px margin in order to balance with the white spaces. See the following example:



When the image is more than 80px in height, the logo format will be changed to 350px x 100px, always keeping the 16px margin.