How to configure Push notification for IOS devices. 

1. Go to and click on Keys:

2. Now click on "+":

3. Create your Key name -> enable the option Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) and click on Continue.

*We recommend using "Apple Push Notification" as the name to help you identify the key in the future

4. Click on Register.

5. You can now view your Key ID and download the p8 file. Both the Key ID and the file you just downloaded will be used on the next steps, please make sure to save them. 

6. Now, go to your firebase account, and on the home screen of your project, click on the gear symbol then click on Project Settings.

7.  Click on Cloud Messaging. 

8. Scroll down until you find Apple app configuration, and on the box APNs Authentication Key click on Upload.

9. Now go to Membership menu in the Apple Developers home page.

10Copy your Team ID:


11. Now, please insert the information accordantly: 

        11.1p8 File: Click on browse and select the .p8 file you downloaded on step 5.

        11.2- Key ID: Paste your Key ID also from step 5

        11.3Team ID: Past your ID from step 10.


12. To create a new push notification, on the left menu click on Engage -> Messaging -> Create your first campaign

13. Select the option you want, in this case, we will proceed with Firebase Notification messages

14. Now, you will create your message exactly as it will show on your client's phones. On the right, you can see the preview of how is it going to look: 

14.1 Notification Title: Title of your notification

14.2 Notification Text: Body of your notification, you can use it to advertise, talk about sales, offers, anything you want.

14.3 Notification Image: This is a small image that will be displayed at the side of the notification. 

14.4 Notification Name: This will not be displayed to the customers, it's just a name you can use to find your old campaigns and organize it. 

After you're done configuring your push notification, click Next

15. Here you need to select your target, you can choose Apple, Android or both. You can also work on some advanced configurations to segment your target even more. Then click Next.

16.  The push notification can be sent immediately if you select Now or you can schedule it for big events, sales and other occasions. This feature is very customizable and can be used in a lot of different ways. 

After you select the scheduling, you can save as draft or review and send the push notification. 

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