The sitemap is an XML file that contains all content URLs on your site.

It helps search engines to crawl over your pages and index them with better accuracy.

Your sitemap is updated automatically on a daily basis.

General Structure


    Sitemap Index

    Every eDirectory site comes with a sitemap index, which is the list for all your individual sitemaps.


    By submitting your sitemap index, search engines will crawl over individual sitemaps automatically.

    Here's what eDirectory's sitemap index looks like:

    Individual sitemaps


    Depending on what modules you have enabled, your index will contain its appropriate sitemap.

    The available modules are:

  •    Listing
  •     Events
  •     Classifieds
  •     Articles
  •     Banners
  •     Deals
  •     Blog

    Here's what an individual sitemap module looks like:

    Sitemap items

     The sitemap items page contains the page URLs and when the page was last updated.

     It contains the following tags:

  •  <loc>: The page's URL
  •  <lastmod>: This indicates the last time the content was updated. This helps search engines to fetch the latest available version.

      Here's what a sitemap item looks like:

Viewing your sitemaps

You can view your sitemap at any time by visiting the 'SEO Center' menu from the 'Promote' section.

For eDirectory version 13.1 and bellow:

For eDirectory version 13.2 and above, the menu is now under the 'Webmaster tools':

Supported Sitemaps

Every eDirectory module and related information (such as categories and locations) generates its own individual sitemap.

The current supported sitemaps are as follows:





URL path






Listing Location




Listing Category




Listing Detail




Deal Location




Deal Category




Deal Detail




Event Location




Event Category




Event Detail




Classified Location




Classified Category




Classified Detail




Article Category




Article Detail




Post Category




Post Detail