Empower Your eDirectory with Promotional Codes

We're excited to introduce the new version of eDirectory with the recent upgrade to 13.5.0. Our dedication to empowering site managers and enhancing user experience continues as we offer flexible discounts through Promotional Codes to both potential and existing members, further empowering site managers.

Please note that in this new version, we had some changes, such as:

*As of version 13.5.0, the tab "Promotions & Packages" has been renamed to "Promotional Codes". Additionally, the package options have been discontinued in this latest version.

*Promotional codes are no longer available for individual products. They are now applied on plan subscriptions, only.

What are Promotional Codes?

Promotional Codes are customizable codes generated by site managers within the eDirectory system. These codes enable site managers to offer enticing discounts to potential members on their initial purchase and to existing members on renewal costs. Whether you're looking to attract new users or reward loyal members, Promotional Codes provide a powerful tool for achieving your promotional goals.

Creation: Site managers can easily create and manage Promotional Codes directly from the Promote tab in the Site Manager dashboard, then Promotional Codes > Add Promotional Code. This intuitive interface streamlines the process, allowing you to generate codes with just a few clicks.

Code: Type your customized code name. 

Type: Set the percentage or the fixed value to be offered.

Set Duration and Redeem Date: Choose the duration of the promotion and set a Redeem Date. Opt for "Once" for single-use or "Forever" for unlimited use until expiration.

The code is now ready to be used:

Apply for Specifc Plans: Activate this option if you wish to offer the codes exclusively for particular plans. (Refer to the article for details on plans)

Application: Once generated, Promotional Codes can be seamlessly applied during the checkout process. Users simply enter the code at checkout to redeem the associated discount, enhancing their purchasing experience and incentivizing conversions.

Ready to harness the full potential of Promotional Codes? Log in to your eDirectory account today and explore the possibilities of this exciting feature. Empower your directory with Promotional Codes and take your promotional strategy to new heights.