In the fast-paced realm of online business, establishing a seamless and secure payment gateway is a pivotal aspect of your website's success. A reliable payment gateway ensures not only the convenience of transactions for your users but also the safety and security of their financial information. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of configuring Authorize.Net on your eDirectory website, allowing you to accept payments efficiently.

Why Configure a Payment Gateway?

Setting up a payment gateway is crucial for your eDirectory website for several reasons:

  1. Seamless Transactions: A well-configured payment gateway ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions, enhancing the user experience.
  2. Security: By utilizing a trusted payment gateway, you guarantee the safety of sensitive financial data, building trust with your users.

Now, let's delve into the steps to configure Authorize.Net on your eDirectory site.

Stage 1: Get the Authorize.Net Transaction Key and Sign-In Information

Before enabling Authorize.Net as a Payment Gateway on eDirectory, you need to obtain the Transaction Key from the website. Follow these steps:

1. Login to Authorize.Net:

2. Access API Credentials & Keys:

  • Click on the  "Account" tab from the main toolbar.
  • Click on "API Credentials & Keys."

3. Generate New Transaction Key:

  • On the next page, select the radio button "New Transaction key"
  • Click "Submit" to continue. 
  • If desired, disable the old Transaction Key by checking "Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately."
  • Next, Authorize will verify your identity by sending a PIN to your email. Type your email on the field "Email Address", and click "Request PIN"
  • Enter the PIN received in your email and click "Verify PIN". 
  • On the next page, your new Transaction Keywill be displayed. Copy it and follow the next steps to paste it on your eDirectory website. 

Important: Store your Transaction Key securely to ensure the safety of your users and account. Never share it with anyone.

Stage 2: Enable Authorize.Net on eDirectory

Now that you have the Authorize.Net Transaction Key, follow these steps to enable it on eDirectory:

1. Access Site Manager:

  • Log in to the Site Manager.
  • Open the "Settings" tab.

2. Navigate to Payment Gateways: 

  • Select "Products & Plans" from the submenu.
  • Click on "Additional settings & payment gateways."

3. Enable Authorize.Net:

  • Check the "Enable Authorize.Net" box.
  • Paste the Sign-In information (email or username used to log in to your Authorize.Net account).
  • Paste the new Transaction Key obtained in Stage 1.
  • Make sure to click "Save changes"

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance during this process, feel free to contact our Support team at

By following these steps, you'll successfully configure Authorize.Net on your eDirectory website, paving the way for secure and efficient payment processing.

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