We're excited to introduce the new "Subscriptions" tab available in the latest eDirectory version 13.5.0. This version enhances flexibility in managing site subscriptions, allowing site managers to create and offer more customizable plans for their clients. The new tab ensures site managers have all the necessary tools to effectively oversee subscriptions. Let's walk through the new features and changes together.

How to Access the Subscriptions Tab

To access the new "Subscriptions" tab, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Activity tab.
  2.  Under the Activity tab, click on Revenue Reports.
  3. On the Revenue Reports page, you will see four tabs: Subscriptions, Transactions, Invoices, and Custom Invoices.

Breakdown of the Revenue Reports Tabs


The Subscriptions tab provides comprehensive details about your clients' subscriptions, including:

  • Plan: The subscription plan the user is subscribed to.
  • Email Account: The customer's email address.
  • Subscription Status: Current status of the subscription (e.g., active, suspended).
  • Date and Time: The date and time of subscription activities.
  • Renewal date: The date when the plan will be renewed and the user will be charged. 

Additional Options in the Subscriptions Tab

  • Change Subscription: Clicking this button allows the site manager to change the status of the plan.
  • Send Activation Notification Email: Check this box to send an email notification to the user when you activate the plan.
  • Add a Transaction Record: If the client has paid for the subscription outside your eDirectory platform, you can check this box to add a transaction record. Select the account, specify the amount, and add a note to keep a record in your system.
  • Transactions Button:Clicking this button will filter and display all transactions made by the user on your site, providing a detailed list of their transactions.

Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab displays all the financial transactions conducted on your site. This includes all the payments in your system. 

Invoices Tab

The Invoices tab shows all invoices generated by your users. Each invoice contains detailed information such as the invoice number, date, amount, and status.

Custom Invoices Tab

The Custom Invoices tab allows you to generate personalized invoices for your customers. You can customize the invoice details according to specific needs and ensure accurate billing.


The new "Subscriptions" tab in eDirectory version 13.5.0 offers robust tools for managing client subscriptions. With these features, site managers can effortlessly oversee subscription plans, track transactions, and generate invoices. Explore these new capabilities to streamline your subscription management process and enhance your site’s functionality.

For further assistance or more information, please feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy managing!