With the launch of the new eDirectory 13.5, we've packed enhanced features and improvements designed to provide you with greater flexibility and customization options. Here are the key highlights:

Our Levels and Pricing have been entirely re-built.

Two Pricing Models per Plan

You can now define two pricing models for each plan.

This also includes a convenient one-time payment option. 

Highly convenient for Articles and Limited time offers such as classifieds

Note: You can select up to 2 distinct payment cycles.

The available options are:

One-time payment

Versatile Charging Options: Charge per product or create a members-only directory. 

This allows to enhance your content monetization strategy, such as the access to exclusive articles and/or deals.

Note: When enabling 'Access' to paywalled content, no other products are required.

Unlimited Product Offering: Offer an unlimited number of products to your customers:

Ideal for high traffic clients!

Flexible Product Combinations: Create plans that offer different combinations of products.

The product creator gives you the ability to tailor offerings to various customer segments from the small business up to large advertisers! For more information, please, check out this article: Products and Plans for New Clients

Customizable Checkout/Claim Pages: Personalize the checkout or claim pages to align with your brand and improve user experience.

It is possible to edit the claim widgets to better align your language and expectation with your customers! 

The widgets summarize and improve the claim workflow!

New Email Templates: Take advantage of our new email templates to communicate more effectively with your customers.

With the introduction of products, the new content emails have been unified into the 'Subscription Signup' email template.

A new template for 'Active Subscription' has been added.

Note: Notifications for active products (such as Listings, Articles, etc. still have their dedicated Active email templates).

Enhanced Renewal Date Workflow: Our new workflow for renewal dates simplifies subscription management and ensures timely renewals from the sponsor dashboard, where it is possible to renew your plans!

After clicking on 'Confirm payment' you'll be redirected to the payment processing procedure.

Approval Requirement Options: Implement new approval requirement options for added control and security.

This allows for better content control of the site content by the site manager. Allowing to automatically suspend or cancel unpaid items.

Improved Payment Flow: Experience a smoother and more efficient payment process, enhancing the overall user experience.

Start by selecting your plan of choice:

After your identification, select your preferred payment method.

After the payment is confirmed, you'll be redirected to the confirmation page!