In the competitive landscape of online listings, standing out is key to attracting customers. One powerful way to differentiate your listings is by offering customized reviews that go beyond the standard ratings. The "Advanced Review for Listing" plugin is your gateway to allowing customers to provide detailed and personalized feedback based on criteria set by you, the site manager.

Step 1: Enable Advanced Reviews for Listing Levels

To get started with this feature-rich plugin, the first step is to define which listing levels will be eligible to receive advanced reviews. Navigate to Settings →Manage Levels & Pricing section, check the levels which are allowed to have the advanced reviews, and click on "Save Changes." This allows you to tailor the availability of advanced reviews based on your specific preferences.

Step 2: Configure General Settings

Once the plugin is enabled for your preferred listing levels, it's essential to configure your preferences in the Settings → General SettingsComments and Reviews Options section. Here, you can fine-tune the settings to align with your website's unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of advanced reviews.

Step 3: Enhance Feedback with Images

One notable feature of the Advanced Review Plugin is the ability for users to upload images along with their reviews. This allows for a more comprehensive and visual feedback experience. Users can intensify their analysis by attaching relevant images, providing a richer perspective for potential customers.


Step 4: Expand Rating Options through Listing Templates

To further customize the review process, the plugin enables you to add more rating options. Head to Content Listings   Listing Templates and edit the desired template. 

Here, you can add multiple types of reviews, each tailored to specific aspects of your listings. Under the option "Rating Types", click on the "plus" sign and type the desired rating type according to your needs. Please, check the example below:

Once you have added the new rating categories, they'll be visible on the listing page:

After configuring the advanced rating types in your listing templates, please be aware that the advanced review will only be displayed on the listings associated with templates where the review types are configured. If you have multiple templates and want the advanced review to display on all listings, ensure you configure the advanced listing rate types in all your listing templates. Otherwise, only the listings associated with templates having this configuration will display the advanced reviews.

Note: After configuring advanced rating types in your listing templates, please note that the advanced review will be available for listings associated with the categories linked to the listing template. Ensure you have associated the relevant categories with your listings that match the ones on your template to make the advanced review available for the intended listings. Refer to the provided screenshot example for clarification.

By following these steps, you empower your users to contribute insightful and detailed reviews, providing valuable information for potential customers. The "Advanced Review for Listing" plugin not only enhances the user experience but also gives you greater control over the review criteria, helping you maintain the quality and relevance of the feedback on your platform. Elevate your listings to the next level with this powerful and customizable review solution!

Note: The Advanced Review for Listing is a plugin sold separately, if your site does not have the Advanced Review for Listing settings section, check this link for more details: Advanced Review for Listings or contact your dedicated sales representative.