The Blog Module is designed to be a Sitemgr-centric Blog. Only the Sitemgr can add Blog Categories and New Blog Posts. Registered members of your directory have the capability to add comments on one of the Blog Posts after they sign into their account and if they do not have an account they will be prompted to register for one. In order to add a Blog Post, please follow the following steps:

1. Please log into your Sitemgr

2. If you have not yet added any 'Categories' relating to the Blog you must do this first

To Add Blog Category: Sitemgr > Content > Blog > Categories > Create category

Add the category title and click on Save Changes. If you would like you can add more information about that category by clicking on the Advanced Options.

3. Once the category has been added you have the capability of adding a Blog Post and associating it to that particular category

To Add a Blog Post: Sitemgr > Content > Blog > Add Post


On the proceeding screen, you will be prompted to add the content for your Blog post including the Title, Image, Content, and Category. You must fill in at least the Title and the Content to be able to post it. Once you have added the desired information please click 'Save changes'

4. Now your Blog Post will automatically be Active and Visible on the front of your directory. If you find you need to go back and edit your blog post you can do this at any time by going to Sitemgr > Content > Blog > Click on the Post you want to edit > Click on the tiny pencil to Edit it 

Your changes will be updated and illustrated on the front of your directory the next time you refresh your browser.