After you create a listing, you can create a corresponding deal to accompany your listing. While creating a deal, you have the ability to set time limits and amount available of that deal that site visitors can redeem directly from the site. Once a deal is redeemed, visitors can share the opportunity with their contacts via social networks.


1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, click on the Content tab.

2. Once you open the Content tab, click on Deals.

3. To add a deal, simply click on Add Deal in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

4. Next, type your Deal Title.

5. Select the number of offers that you would like to give for your deal. 

6. Select the account owner for this deal.

7. Under the Associate with the Listing field, select a listing to associate with this deal.

8. Type a brief description of the deal under Summary Description.

Important: A deal will not be displayed, if it is not associated with a listing. It is necessary to associate a deal with a listing on field number 7 as shown above. 

9. Under the Description, introduce your deal. Make sure to describe your deal, including all the details and features of said deal.

10. Following the Description, please make sure to clearly describe the limits of your deal under Conditions.

11. In addition, selectively choose what words you would like to use under the Keywords for the Search. Keywords are important because they help users find your deal faster. 


12. Type the Start and End Date for your deal.

13. Furthermore, type the item value and then the value with discount of your deal. 

14. On Redeem code options, you can configure the deal to generate a random code for each redeem, use a unique code for all redeems, or you can also upload a QR code to validate the deal.  

Attention: A deal will only be displayed on the site within the time range configured for the deal on field number 12. If a deal was created today, and it is set to start two days from now, it will display on the site in two days, and it will stop displaying on the end date. 

15. At the top once more, in the upper right-hand side under Image and Cover image, click to choose an image file to accompany your deal, click on Choose file to select it for upload. On the cover image, you also have the option to use the Unsplash feature, you can search for images related to the deal and add them easily. 

16. Finally, click Save Changes in the upper or bottom right-hand corners of the screen.


Furthermore, to view your promotion on the website, return to the original Deals tab under the Content tab. Click on your deal. On the right-hand side, you will be able to view a mini-version of your deal. There is a View on Website link. You can click on this link to prompt you to view the deal on the website.

Once you click on it, you are able to see how the deals look on the site. Find, below, a deal example: