During the installation of your eDirectory system we can import locations for the following three Countries:

United States (States and Cities)

Canada (Provinces and Cities)

United Kingdom (Counties and Towns)

Australia (States and Cities)

Brazil (States and Cities)

If you need additional locations there are 4 ways to do it:

1. Within our server.

    1.1. Go to your sitemgr, then to Settings, and then to Language & Geography.

    1.2. At the end of the page, there should be a form with checkboxes to select the locations to be imported.

Note: This option will only be available for your eDirectory if your site is located in one of our shared servers and it must be no locations created on your database. 

2. Mannualy.

    2.1. Go to your sitemgr, then Settings > Language & Geography.

    2.2. Click on the Location Data tab.

    2.3. Add the location you want, whether is a Country, State, city, or Neighborhood depending on your location hierarchy.

3. Importing.

    It's possible to import locations using .cvs or .xls files. While importing listings within the system, if the locations columns are filled with locations that are not on the database, the system will create it automatically.

   3.1  The import area is located at Content > Import. 

4. Customization.

    TThe final way to add locations to the system, which will require a paid Customization, is to provide your Project Manager with .csv or .xls file of just locations. Your Project Manager will be able to provide you with an estimate for a developer to create a script and import the information directly into the database. The time estimate for completion is highly dependent on the clean organization of the file provided. If you choose to get an estimate for this Customization, please open a new ticket inside your Change Request account.