During the installation of your eDirectory system we can import locations for the following three Countries:

United States (States and Cities)
Canada (Provinces and Cities)
United Kingdom (Counties and Towns)

If you need additional locations there are 3 ways to do it:

1. Manually in the Sitemgr -> Locations

Click 'Add'

Add the desired information regarding the location. One important option on the screen is a check box for 'Featured. If you select this option the location will be set as a Featured Location on the module home pages. Once all information has been added, please click Submit to save the location.

If you need to add a location to a lower tier in the hierarchy, for example, a 'State' below a 'Country' you do this by clicking on the Green Circular Icon. That will take you to an interface to add the desired information regarding that particular location.

2. Via .csv import of business listings. In the .csv import file there are columns for 'Location'. If these columns are filled out in the .csv file, the import process will add those locations to the database at the same time it is importing the business listings into the database.

3. The final way to add locations to the system, which will require a paid Customization, is to provide your Project Manager with .csv or .xls file of just locations. Your Project Manager will be able to provide you with an estimate for a developer to create a script and import the information directly into the database. The time estimate for completion is highly dependent on the clean organization of the file provided. If you choose to get an estimate for this Customization, please open a new ticket inside your Change Request account.