eDirectory does not specifically endorse or prefer one provider over another, it will depend on what you're looking for. 

Hosting companies have their own particular features that should be useful for different users according to their needs (such as cPanel access, monitoring, backups, etc).

So please contact the hosting provider you're interested to check if it fits what you're looking for when it comes to hosting your websites.

If you're looking for any opinions on hosting, we recommend Digital Ocean hosting, which is one of the providers that enable an easy and stable setup for your eDirectory installation.

Looking for other options? No problem!

What's important to check is that your hosting provider will be able to give you ALL of the requirements that are needed for the latest installation, click here to check these specifications!

Important notes

1- The hosting company must provide Root access. Before choosing your provider, please make sure their plans allow this type of access. 

2- ElasticSearch is known to have issues with OpenVZ machines, so we recommend avoiding those, as you could run into some problems regarding the ElasticSearch stability on the server.

Or even better - leave the hosting for us! We'll take care of setting everything up for you, from the installation, to monitoring and regular backups.

Interested? Click here to check the details of our hosting!