The Import & Export Tool allows you to easily manage your directory content. With a simple CSV file, you can import listings or events, including accounts, categories and location data.

Before beginning, please be aware that there are a number of common errors people make when importing a CSV file.  For more information, you can view our video on common errors.


1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, open the Content Manager tab.


2. Once you open Content Manager, click on Import & Export Data.

3. Under the Import Tool tab, you can see the Import a New Content File header. Depending on if you want to Import Listings or Import Events, click on the appropriate link. For this example, I will be importing listings.


4. You will be prompted to a new Import Listings page. At the top, you will see Download the CSV Template directly under the page title. Click on this link to download the template.

5. Next, there is a box in the center of the screen with the header: The settings below will affect the next import. Below this, you will see this series of options to check:

  • Import CSV comes from an Export: This option means that if you exported items to edit, you can re-import them.

  • Enable all imported items as active: This means that everything you import will automatically be labeled as active and not pending approval.

  • All new categories set to feature: This is our eDirectory default option. However, some of you may be working with a lot of categories, so you are not interested in highlighting all of them. Remember that featured categories are highlighted on the home page of the website. In this case, please uncheck our default option, and select your preferred option.

  • Overwrite matching items: If some items were outdated on your import list, you can simply re-upload again, and this option will override and update your data list.

  • Update friendly URLs for matching items: If you would like to keep your existing friendly URL, do not check this option. If you would like to update your friendly URL to match your updated site, then check this option. BUT, please keep in mind, that Google will have to index your content again, and this can take an undetermined amount of time. It is not recommended to regularly update your friendly URL because it can take awhile, which can affect your Google search ranking. Please use this option CAREFULLY.

  • ​Import all items to the same user account: If you have listings that all belong to the same owner, check this option to prevent you from having to input the owner information on every line of the CSV file.

6. Please do not forget to change the Listing level. Our default level is Diamond.

7. After selecting your desired setting for the import and the correct listing level, click Next in the bottom right hand corner of the center box.


8. If you did not Download the CSV Template from Step 3, please do so now.

9. Now, there are two possibilities for this step: File Upload and FTP File Select.

  • File Upload: Select Choose File to upload your file. It will immediately give you a preview of the file that you chose. Take this time to double check that all of the data matches up. Once you have double checked everything, click Import.

  • FTP File Select: If the file you are uploading is larger than 2 MB or 5 MB (this depends on your configuration settings), then you will have to import by FTP. The FTP File Select tab is located next to File Upload. Select which files you would like to import, and remember that the file must be in CSV format. Click Preview in the bottom right corner. Please double check the data again to make sure that everything is correct. Then, click Submit.


10. You will be taken back to the original Import page, where you will be able to check the Import Log to see if your import uploaded successfully.


To the left of the date of your file, you will see a plus sign (+) in orange. If you click on this, you will be able to see if there is anything wrong with the CSV File, like invalid lines, missing columns, etc. It is also helpful to point out that if the status of your import shows that it is "In Queue" or "Waiting to Prepare Import," don’t worry. 

If you notice the import in queue for longer than 3 hours, please contact our support team to check what's the issue.