1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, open the Content Manager tab.


2. Once you open Content Manager, click on Articles.
3. To add an article, simply click on Add Article in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


4. Next, type your Article Title.
5. Under Basic Information, click Select to choose the category that your article corresponds with. It is important to note that you need to create categories before you can select a category. If you have not already created a category, do not worry. Simply open Content Manager and click on Articles. Select Manage Categories. Then, in the upper right hand corner, click Add Category.


6. In addition, select the Account, Status, and Renewal Date for this event.
7. Furthermore, input the Author of the article, the article URL, and the Publication Date.
8. Then, write a brief Abstract of the article.


9. Afterwards, you can write your article under Content.
10. Next, selectively choose what words you would like to use under the Keywords for the Search. Keywords are important because they help users find your Event faster. Here is a quick tip: as you are typing, simply add a comma to separate keywords, so you can add words faster.
11. If you have a Promotional Code, please type it in now.

At the top once more, in the upper right-hand side under Cover Image, to add a picture/file to accompany your article, click on Add File to select it for upload.
13. In addition to adding a cover image, click on Choose File to create a Photo Gallery.
14. Finally, click Save Changes in the upper or bottom right-hand corners of the screen. 

Furthermore, to view your Article on the website, return to the original Articles tab under Content Manager. Click on your Article. On the right-hand side, you will be able to view a mini-version of your ad. There is a View on Website link. You can click on this link to prompt you to view the classified on the website.