eDirectory Version: 10.4

A logo is an important feature of any directory because it is the brand of your business and is the most recognizable aspect.


1. Upon logging on as Site Manager, open the Configuration tab located on the left side of the screen.


2. Once you open Configuration, make sure that you are on the Basic Information tab.

3. Furthermore, under the Website Logo heading, you will be able to see, Choose Your Main Logo Image. Click Choose File and select your logo to upload. The dimensions of the logo should be 180px x 90px. The maximum file size is 1.5 MB.

4. Once your file has been successfully uploaded, please be sure to click Save Changes in the bottom right hand corner.


NOTE: If you are unsatisfied with the size of your logo on your directory site, there is an alternative way to increase the size to better fit your needs. However, please keep in mind that a fair knowledge about CSS Editor may be necessary to increase the size of your logo. The CSS Editor is an advanced feature that allows you to change the code on the site.


1. After you have logged on as Site Manager, click on the Design & Customization tab.


2. Then, double check to make sure that you are on Layout Editor.

3. Upon clicking on Layout Editor, you will see that there are three tabs (Color Options, Background Image, & CSS Editor) to choose to customize the theme. Click on CSS Editor, which is the last of the three tabs.


4. Furthermore, you will see the following screen. Put your cursor on the last line and click.

5. Next, hit Enter, and you will start another row.


6. Afterwards, copy and paste the following to the last row:

.header-brand .brand-logo {
max-height: 85px;
max-width: 100%;

*Once you copy and paste this onto CSS Editor, you can test different pixel sizes and percentages to see what looks best for your particular logo. Make sure you have another tab open, so you can see the changes to the size of your logo on your directory as you are updating the pixel size and percentage.This process is trial and error, so keep this in mind and you are finding the size you like best.

7. Finally, click Save Changes in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


If for some reason you need to revert back to your original to get rid of the changes, just click on Reset, which is beside Save Changes.