To define the maximum number of leads that the listing can associate for each listing level, go to “Manage Levels and Prices” session, enter the quantity wanted and then press “Save Changes”. The advertiser can only have access to the quantity established.

The administrator can also set a value for each ad individually. If it’s empty, the value used will be the standard price set previously for each company level.

As an advertiser, each company has its own date filter for leads, limited by the quantity defined by the administrator.

Common Questions:

Q.: After installing this plugin, what happens when a site visitor sends email from the listing detail page? Is an email sent directly to the sponsor as usual or is this email is captured as lead for site admin to collect payment and give access later?

A.: After installing, when a listing receives a lead, an e-mail message is sent to the sponsor, indicating that a lead has been received. But to open that lead, the sponsor will need to open their administrative panel (if the listing level which the sponsor belongs has the lead option enabled)

Q.: Can i set that 10 leads coming from lead capture form are free for gold-level members and 5 leads are free for silver-level, Instead of charging per lead? Thinking of setting free number of leads for each level.

A.: Yes, you can charge a "leads package" by month. It can be done configured in the Manage Levels And Prices, at SiteManager.