In the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising, personalized and location-specific content has become a key strategy for boosting engagement and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI). With the Geo-Targeted Banner plugin, eDirectory site managers now have the power to display banners based on users' locations, offering a tailored experience that ensures the right ads reach the right audience.


The Geo-Targeted Banner plugin is designed to dynamically display relevant banner ads by pulling the user's location information. Imagine showcasing New York City sponsors to users in New York City or featuring San Francisco-based ads for visitors from the Bay Area. This not only enhances the user experience but also empowers sponsors to connect with highly targeted audiences, ultimately leading to increased click-through rates and improved ROI.

Instructions for Implementation

1. General Settings

Navigate to Settings, then in the General Settings section, navigate to the Plugins tab. Here, you can define the standard distance within which users will be exposed to banners. By setting this distance, only banners located within the specified range will be visible to users. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the unit of measurement, whether in miles or kilometers.


2. Adding/Editing a Banner

  • Navigate to Content, then click on Banners.
  • Click on "Add banner".

  • While adding or editing a banner, administrators can now choose the specific location to which the banner will be linked. This feature allows for configuring the banner limit area, providing flexibility to expand or reduce the range of action based on individual requirements. 

3. Location Sharing

Upon opening the page, users will be prompted to share their location. It is imperative for users to allow or enable this feature for the Geo-Targeted Banner plugin to function effectively. The system will then calculate the distance between the user's location and the banner's location. Only banners within the pre-defined range of action will be visible to the users, ensuring a targeted and personalized advertising experience.

4. Google Maps and Nearby Results Integration

It's important to note that the Geo-Targeted Banner plugin requires an integration with both Google Maps API and Nearby Results API keys. Ensure that both API Keys are integrated in the Site Manager. To do this, please, follow the steps of our instructional article: How to activate Google Maps and Nearby Results APIsto fully utilize the capabilities of this plugin. 

5. Geo-targeted banner configured

After following all the previous steps, the geo-targeted banner is correctly configured on your site, and they will be displayed to users based on their location. 

Note: The Geo-targeted banner integration is dependent on the "Geo-Targeted Banner Ads" plugin to be installed. This plugin is sold separately, and if your site does not have Geo-Targeted banner settings section, check this link for more details: Geo-Targeted Banner Ads or contact your dedicated sales representative to purchase your plugin. 


The Geo-Targeted Banner plugin revolutionizes the way banners are displayed on your eDirectory site, offering a sophisticated and location-specific advertising approach. By implementing this plugin, you not only enhance the user experience but also provide sponsors with a powerful tool to reach their desired audience effectively.

Stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the Geo-Targeted Banner plugin to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your site visitors, sponsors, and advertisers. Elevate your advertising strategy and maximize the impact of your banner advertisements today!