Visitor Location Detection & Nearby Results


The Visitor Location Detection and Nearby Results help the customers filter their searches by nearby businesses.


1. Visitor Location Detection: 

This option allows eDirectory to non-intrusively track web users accessing eDirectory websites for their specific location or geography. If the user allows access to their position, the location field will be automatically filled with their address and will be way easier to find listings, events, articles… that are close to them.


Example: I’m in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. Location Field must display:


2. Nearby Results: 

Once enabled, searches by location will consider items close to that location, following a maximum radius. It's necessary to insert the Google API Key for both features to work because they use Google geocoder services. Click here if you need help to create yours.


Note: To insert the address and range wanted, it is important to set a location limit. The tool will send the location the user provided to Google Maps, which will set the latitude and longitude that will be used as the main search point. If the space provided is too large, such as a country, it is more difficult to reach interesting listings for the user, since the point is not defined by eDirectory but by Google. If the given address is more specific, such as a city or a ZIP code, the available space will be smaller and the chance of a satisfactory outcome to the user is greater.


Example: If you insert just the Country, in this situation the USA, Google Maps will return this point:


To use this feature it’s needed to follow some simple steps:



1. Upon logging into eDirectory Site Manager, open the Settings tab > Language & Geography > Location Settings tab.





If Visitor Location Detection and Nearby Results features are enabled, Listings will be filtered through a predefined radius. There are 3 different radiuses to be considered:


When you click on the link provided by the location search bar’s dropdown or select a location at the “More Locations” box, you’re redirected to a Location search page.
The Location search page can have its own specific radius. You can configure them following these steps
1. Upon logging into eDirectory Site Manager, open the Configuration tab.
2. Once you open Configuration, click on Language & Geography.
3. Click on the “Location Data” tab at the page top.
4. Find the specific location you wish to add a radius to. Edit it, and you’ll find a “Radius” field below the map tuning section.

2- Specific Keyword Radius
At times, a customer may not choose a Location, but rather just send a location keyword.
E.g: Searching for “LA” instead of selecting “Los Angeles, California”.

In this case, you can also select any Location keyword typed there and assign a specific radius as well. To list all Location keywords typed at the front end, follow these instructions:

1. Upon logging into eDirectory Site Manager, open the Configuration tab.
2. Once you open Configuration, click on Language & Geography.
3. Select the “Customize Searched Terms” link under “Visitor Location Detection and Nearby Results”.

You’ll be redirected to a list of all Location keywords. You can select any keyword and assign geo location and radius.

3- Default Radius
If neither Location and Keyword has their own radius, you can set up a default radius at the “Visitor Location Detection and Nearby Results” page. Any searches with Keywords or Locations with no specific radius will use this.