In the Settings session, go to the General Settings and then click on the Plugins tab.

Look for the Tailored Placement Settings field.

If the user didn’t accepted to share his location, you can set the center point of the map as standard and change the zoom too. Then press Save Changes.

If the user agrees to share the location, the map will be redirected automatically to the location where the user is.

Now in the Page Editor you can find the Tailored Map widget.

You can change the icons of each point on the map, which can be defined for each category of the listings.

Just go to Content Manager, click on Listings, select Categories. After that click on the category you want to modify the icon and click on the button to edit.



Then click on the Advanced Options and you will see the area for changing the icon.

Remember that in order to render the maps, it is necessary that you have your Google Maps Key placed in the Site Manager.
You can go to Settings and then Google Integrations to place your Google API key.

Depending on the zoom of the map, the nearest listings will be allocated together, and by zooming in, they will separate, to show in a detailed and precise way where each listing is.

The Tailored Map for Listing, cannot be placed on detail pages, results pages or on pages that have other maps.

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