1. In the "Manage Levels and Prices" session, go to the "General Settings" tab, set the zoom and the center point of the map, if the user didn’t accepted to share his location, and then press "Save Changes".
  2. If the user agrees to share the location with the browser, the map will be redirected automatically to the location where the user is located.



  1. Two widget options for Listing browse by Map are available, the models are either the map version combined with the search bar, or just the map.
  2. Another possible customization for Listing browse by Map are the icons of each point on the map, which can be defined for each category, while creating them. The system will select which category is the lowest of all and by that will define what icon will be used.
  3. Enabling Listing Search by Custom Map will display to the user the nearest listings from his location. If any movement is detected, the map will be updated based on the new location and new listings will be searched. Depending on the zoom of the map, the nearest listings will be allocated together, and by zooming in, they will separate, to show in a detailed and precise way where each listing is.