After setting up your e-mail configurations, you may need to edit your e-mail notifications sent to users and sponsors in the future. 


1. Upon logging on as Site Manager, open the Design tab.


2. Once you open the Design tab, click on E-mail Editor.

Whether you want to edit the content of Renewal Reminder e-mails or a System Notification e-mail, you just have to click on the link under Name. For this example, I will change the 30-day renewal reminder.

4. Under Description, you can change the Content Type from our default Text to HTML.

5. If you need to add/change the BCC or Subject lines, you can do so at this time.

6. Afterwards, you can edit the e-mail text under Body.

You will see our default e-mail renewal reminder. However, if you wish to edit the text, you are free to personalize it.

After customizing the e-mail, if you are unsatisfied with the changes that you made, you can always scroll up to the top and restore the default message under Options, which is the box to the right of Description.


9. Under Variables Description, there is a list of all of the variables that you can include in your e-mail. If what you want to add is not on the list, then it is NOT possible to add it to your e-mail. At the bottom right-hand corner of the page, click Cancel if you want to delete your additions or Save to update the email.