Understanding the differences between the user roles is an important component of operating eDirectory. Visitors are different than sponsors, and sponsors are not site managers. These terms may seem confusing at first. This article will clearly define the roles of each user.

Site Manager

The site manager is the administrator of the directory site. Site managers control the directory configurations, site design, have ability to import and export data, as well as moderate the content. Site managers login to the directory though a login page at [yourdomain.com]/sitemgr



Sponsors are the owners of individual listings, events, classifieds, etc, which may be free or paid for. Sponsors can create or claim listings, upload photos and other information, view their listing traffic, and pay for listings via credit card or Paypal in the sponsor area located at [yourdomain.com]/sponsors/



Visitors are the end users of the website, who view listings and add ratings and reviews. When a visitor signs up to add a review, they can create a profile, which can be publicly shared. Visitor profiles are linked from [yourdomain.com]/profile/