Had any problem trying to set up your Firebase?

Please follow the instructions in this article in case you need to invite us as admins to your Firebase account.

1. Acess the link https://firebase.google.com and click to access. Use your email and password from Google.

2. After entering your credentials, your profile will be opened.

3. Go to your console clicking on the button shown in the following image.

4. On the next page, click on "Add project".

5. Choose your project's name, accept firebase's terms and click continue.

6. Select if you want to use Google analytics and proceed.

7. With your project created, on the home screen of your project, click on the gear symbol then click on 'Users and permissions'.

8. On the configuration screen, there will be a list with the user and permissions to set up. Click on "Add member"

9. On the next window, fill with the following data:

    Email address: edirectorycs@gmail.com

    Role: Owner.

10. With the invitation sent, the next step is letting ArcaSolutions's support team know that the invite was sent by email.

And the invitation process is over.

Please don't hesitate in contacting us at support@edirectory.com in case you need more information.