Traffic statistics are an important component to operating any directory. 
This article will provide an overview and explanation of what the stats mean and where you can find them 

Traffic statistics allow for site managers to show their sponsors the effectiveness of advertising on your directory.

eDirectory makes it quite simple for site managers to show their sponsors the data with a convenient monthly email with the statistics already calculated. If you would like to set up this monthly e-mail system, click on this link: Sponsor Stats E-mail


NOTE:  eDirectory statistics may differ from Google stats because we have a filter for removing bot traffic (we do not include traffic from known bot IP addresses). Google Analytics and other web site statistics systems have other types of filters, which means eDirectory’s site stats are typically slightly different.  


1.  Upon opening site manager, click on Content Manager and open the Listing tab.

2. Next, find the listing that you want the Traffic Report for. Click on this listing, so you can see the micro version of this listing on the right side of the screen and select Traffic Reports in the bottom right corner



You will notice that the statistics are figured on a monthly basis.

You will see the headings: Summary, Detail, Click Thru, and E-mail.

Each statistic provides an insight into what visitors are looking at. 

Summary:  This statistic means the amount total that this listing appeared in a general search. 


Detail: This statistic shows the amount of times that the listing was clicked on. 


Click Thru:  A Click Thru means a visitor has read the details of the listing and has clicked on the link to go directly to the listing's linked website for more information. 


E-mail: An e-mail statistic means that a visitor has e-mailed the listing requesting more information.