1-) While logged in with your Google account, access the following link: https://tagmanager.google.com/#/home

2-) Click on the button "Create account".

3-) Choose the name of your account.

3.1-) Then on the "Setup Container", insert your website and select "Web", and click on "Create".

4-) Check the box and click "Yes" to accept the terms of service and keep forward the process:

5-) Two scripts will be displayed on the screen, just click on "Ok" button:

6-) Click on "Admin" button.

7-) Copy the code displayed. The GTM-XXX code is your Google Tag Manager Container Id.

8-) Now, go back to your eDirectory website, access your sitemgr -> Configuration -> Google Integrations -> Google Tag Manager. Insert the code and click in "Enable Google Tag Manager".

9-) It is possible to add any tags you want, also, the Tag manager itself suggests

some tags for you to add on your site. At your overview / home page screen select

Tags > New.

10-) Click on the "Tag Configuration".

11-) You can choose an existing tag or create a customized one.

12-) After creating your tag, every change needs to be submitted to the website. Do

not forget to click on the submit button otherwise the changes will not be displayed.