Find out all about eDirectory's API!

Navigate on the following path below:

Site Manager > Settings > General Settings > eDirectory API  

1. Log in to the Site Manager, and open the Settings tab.
Select General Settings from the submenu.
Scroll down to the eDirectory API box.
Check the box ‘Enable API’. Your API key will now appear in the field underneath.
Don’t forget to Save. And that’s it! 

 How can I check my data, and the API documentation?


1. In the API box, click on the question mark.
2. A pop-up box will appear ‘eDirectory API & How It Works’.
To check your data, add your API key to the end of the URL and paste this into the address bar of a new tab.
 To check the API documentation, click on where it says ‘here’ at the bottom of the box.

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