If you choose to work with Stripe, you’ll be able to offer one-time payments or subscriptions, and trial incentives. 

This means that as a Site Manager, you have a choice regarding the way your sponsors pay.  They will either have to enter a new payment through the sponsor’s billing interface at the end of every billing cycle, or they may be able to subscribe and have an automatic recurring payment.  With trial incentives, you can offer deals such as "Sign up now and get the first month free", for example. 


Stage 1: Get the Stripe API

Before enabling Stripe on eDirectory, you need to get the API from the Stripe website.

Stripe website > Create account > Sign in > Your account > Developers > API Keys

1. Go to the Stripe website here.

2. Create an account.  


3. You may need to access your email to confirm your account and click a link to sign in to the       Stripe dashboard.

4. Make sure your account is Active by adding your Credit Card information. 

5. Select Developers the menu, and make sure the Test mode is disabled.

6. Click on API Keys.

7. The key you must use is Secret Key, please click on API keys, and on the Secret key, click on  "Reveal live key" and copy it

Notice: Make sure the test mode is disabled. In order to disable it, Stripe requests customers to add their credit card information.

Stage 2: Enable Stripe on eDirectory

Now that you have the Stripe API, you are ready to enable Stripe on eDirectory.

Site Manager > Configuration > Manage Levels & Pricing > Payment Gateways > Enable Stripe


1. Log in to the Site Manager, and open the Settings tab.

2. Select Manage Levels & Pricing from the submenu.

3. Click on Payment Gateways.

4. Check the Enable Stripe box.  

5. Paste the Stripe API into the API Key field. 

6. If you want to use the Feature Recurring, Please enable it here:

7. After configuring Stripe, on Manage Levels & Pricing, you can select if you want to enable a Trial for each plan and define the amount of time. 

Stage 3: Configure the webhook URL

A webhook URL is needed, so items paid by subscription can be renewed on eDirectory.

Stripe > Developers > Webhooks > + Add endpoint


1. Sign in to Stripe 

2. Still on Developers, please open the Webhooks tab.

3. Click on + Add endpoint.

4. In the URL field, enter [yourdomain]/sponsors/billing/stripe_webhook.php with your directory’s domain in the brackets (Remember that if the site was configured to have www. as a mandatory prefix, it must also be inserted in this part).

Notice: Don't forget to replace "yourdomain" in brackets with your live website URL.

5. Click the Select events button.  


6. Search on the drop-down list for invoice.payment_succeeded and check its box.

7. Click on Add endpoint and it's done!

Notice: If you have add-ons, you will have to create a Webhook for each domain.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support team at support@edirectory.com.