1-) Go to the Google API Console website: https://console.developers.google.com/ 

2-) Select or create a new project. Then go to the OAuth consent screen. Select the option External for User Type. Then click the Create button.

3-) Fill in all the required information about your website (Application Name, Authorize Domains, links to the Home Page, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use)

4-) Go to Credentials. Click the +Create Credentials button. Then select the OAuth client ID option.

5-) For Application Type choose the Web Application option. Give it a Name. For Authorized Javascript Origins, enter the home page link of your website. For Authorized Redirect URLs, you need to enter the home page link with the following extension: 


For example https://test.com/sponsors/googleauth.php

If you don't enter this information exactly as it is described, the integration won't work. 

When you are done, click the Create button.

6-) Copy your Client ID and Client Secret. 

7-) Go back to your site manager. Go to Configuration -> Social Media Configuration. Select the Allow checkbox. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret. Then click the Save Changes button.