When listings are added to your website without an owner, it’s displayed a link for the owners to “claim” them so they can signup for an account and start to manage their content. In this article, you’ll learn how to manage your Claimed Listings.

Let's first configure your “Claim” preferences as it will set the behavior of this feature.

1. Please log in to your Site Manager Administration Panel and go to Settings.

2. At “Settings”, click on “General Settings”

3. Scroll the page and look for the “Claim” section. Then, adjust it according to your preferences.

Options you can enable/disable:

a. Sitemgr must approve the listing's claim

b. After a claim is denied, the listing will return to the front of the directory

c. Send email to listing owner when listing's claim is approved

d. Send email to listing owner when listing's claim is denied

You can also edit “Claim Text Link”.

4. At last, hit save changes

Now that you have done the adjustments, let´s manage your claimed listings.

Since the release of version 13, claim management is nested under the “activity” menu. On older versions, you'll find it under the Content Manager menu.

1. Within the site manager dashboard, click on “Activity”

2. Then, click on “Claim”

3. At the “Claim” page, you’ll be able to see all the claim requests and their status. Select the request you’d like to manage

4. The request details will open and you’d be able to choose to “edit”, “approve” or “deny” the claim request

Edit button: it opens the listing form so you can edit any of the info in their such account ownership, level, status, renewal date, and the display of the Claim link.

Approve: it approves the request (use it when you trust it's a legit request)

Deny: it denies the request (use it when you suspect something. A good practice is to contact the claimer to get more info before you can manage the listing.)


Remember that you configured this feature to send (or not) email to the claimer upon approval/denial.

Claim Status Definitions

Incomplete: claim process that was interrupted, and eventually the user started another claim process for the same listing or cases where the account or claim's listing was deleted.

[In] Progress: intermediate step while the user goes through the claim stages (login > update listing > payment). If there's a very old claim record with this status, means that the user left during the claim process and didn't return/resume it.

Complete: the user has gone through all the claim stages, including payment.

Approved: the sitemgr has approved the claim.

Denied: the sitemgr has denied the claim.