For those who target just one location, it's possible to disable completely the usage of locations in the system. This feature is useful for non-location based directories .

It’s important to highlight that if you choose to disable Locations, this will remove all references for addresses and locations from your listings. The location field will be removed from the search boxes as well.

Please, follow the following instructions to Disable Locations on your website:

  1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, click on “Settings”.

  1. At “Settings”, click on Language and Geography.

  1. Scroll the page and look for the “Visitor Location Detection & Nearby Results” section.  Then, to disable Locations, uncheck the option "Enable usage of categories for this site". 

  1. Save the changes

If you already have location data in your site, disabling locations won't cause any data loss,  If you want to re-enable location, simply check the option again and all the location data will be restored.