You can use Google Adsense straight in your Banner section without having to configure an integration. This means that you can get more out of Google Ads on your site and boost your earnings.

eDirectory's banners dimensions follow the definitions of Google Ads, so your banners will fit perfectly.

To add a Google Ads banner in your website, please, follow the step by step below:

1. Go to the Google Adsense page ( and click on "Get Started"

2. Then, fill your site information and create your Google Adsense account

3. After creating your account and being logged in, click on “Sites”

4. And then, click on “Add site”

5. A New page will open. Please, add the URL of your website

6. Then, hit “Next”

7. Copy the Adsense Code generated

8. Then, hit “Summit”

9. Login into the Site Manager and go to the Content tab

10. Then, click on “Banners”

11. On "Banners", please click on "Add banner"

12. Choose the “Banner Type” you'd like to create.

13. Click on “Show by Script Code”

14. Then, paste the code from Google Adsense on the “Script” space

15. At last, hit “Save Changes”

Be sure to send your ads.txt file to our Support Team so we can place it on our servers.