The eDirectory system allows interested and/or potential customers of a listing, event or classified to contact its owners for any inquiries and additional information. This can be viewed by the site owner once a potential customer sends an email to the item owner which will be accessible via Site Manager. The site owner can trace the leads that have been sent to a specific item owner and its details.

Leads are submitted when a Listing, Event, or Classified owners are contacted through their own detail pages. When the send a message button is clicked, a pop-up window will appear requiring the visitor to enter their Name and Email Address, as well as the Subject and the Message they want to send the owner of the item they are viewing.

Send a message  button and form on Listing detail page        

If you are the Site Manager, you can manage all the leads from your website on the Activity Section > Section.

To manage the Leads from your website, please follow the instructions below:

1. Login in to your Site Manager account and click on “Activity”

2. On, “Activity” click on “Leads”

3. Then, select the module you’d like to manage the leads and you’ll be able to view all the leads and delete them if you’d like

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