You can associate a classified to a listing. The associated classified is going to be displayed within the listing detail page and vice-versa. You can make the association as the Site Manager or the Listing Owner.

In order to do the association as the Site Manager, please, follow the steps below:

1. Upon logging on to eDirectory, open the Content tab

2. Once you open the Content Section, click on ‘Classifieds’

3. Select the classified you’d like to associate with a listing and click on the ‘Edit’ button

4. Next, click on the dropdown menu ‘Associate with the listing’ or start typing the Listing name

5. Then, select the listing you want the classified to be associated with

6. Finally, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button

To make  the association as a Listing Owner, please, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Sponsor account and go to our Sponsor Dashboard

2. On the Sponsor Dashboard, select the Classified you’d like to associate and click on “Edit”

3. On the Classified Edit Page, you’ll find the “Associate with the Listing” field. Write the first letters of the Listing you’d like to associate and then, select the Listing on the dropdown

4. At last, save the changes