For deals to appear on your website, they need to be within the active period and associated with an active listing.  A deal can be registered in the system and associated with a listing at any time.  In this article, you’ll learn how to make the association.

To associate a deal with a listing as the Site Manager, please, follow the step by step below: 

1. To get started, please, log in to your Site Manager account

2. Go to the “Content” section

3. At “Content”, click on “Deals”

4. Select the Deal you’d like to associate to a Listing

5. Click on “Edit”

6. At “Associate with the listing” type in the name of the deal and then, select it from the dropdown

7. At last, hit “Save Changes”

Keep in mind that for the Deal to be displayed in the Listing Detail Page, the Deal has to be within the active period time and associated with an active listing.

To manage the number of deals, go to  “Settings” and then “Manage Levels & Pricing”. At the Listing tab, you’ll be able to choose the max number of deals can be added for each Listing level. 

Once the association is done, the Deal will appear on the Detail page of the Listing on the “Deals “ tab and the Listing will be mentioned on the Deal detail page, as well. 

Example of a Deal Detail Page:

Example of a Deal on a Listing Page:

You can also add the widget “Associated Deals” on different tabs of your Listing Detail Page on the Listing Templates feature.

The Listing will also be mentioned on the Deals Search Results page.