In this article, we’ll introduce the Description Widget, which will give you more freedom when creating content for listings. 

The description widget is very simple. You simply create a text field to be filled in your listing, which can be a short description - limited to 140 characters - or a long description - with no character limits.

Let's say I have a Listing for a car dealership and I want to create a short description, just inviting the visitor to get in touch, and another longer description, where I will pass on technical information. For this, I will need to add the widget twice. 

Using this example, we’ll guide you on how to use the Description Widget. Please, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Site Manager and go to “Content”

  1. At the “Content” section, click on “Listings”

  2. Then, click on “Listings Templates”

  3. And select the Listing Template which you’d like to add the Description Widget.

  1. Scroll the page until the part you’d like to add the Description Widget and click on “+” or at the “Add the widget” button at the end of the page.

  1. Find the Description Widget and click on it.

  1. At this step, you can choose if you want to add a Short Description (limited to 140 characters) or a long description (with no character limits). For this example, we’ll choose the Short Description.

  2. If you want this field to be required for your advertiser to fulfill, you can activate this here.

  1. Now you’ll need to add the Label for your Description. This will be displayed on the registration form and on the advertisement page. For this example,  we’ll ask the question "Are you interested in a car?".

  2.  Then, you need to add the Placeholder. For those who will fill out the content, the Label can be not very much enlightening, you can use the placeholder option, where you can give a short tip about this field. This will appear only for advertisers who will fill in this information. We’ll write  “Procedure for buying a car” for this example.

  1. Next,  you can enable or disable the option “hide title on ad page”. For this example, since we want it to appear on the front of our listing, we are not going to select the option “hide title on ad page”.

  2. At last, hit “Save Changes”.

  1. Don’t forget to “Save Changes” at the Listing Template Editor, as well.