Please follow the steps below to change your credit card information.


1. Open this link: 

You are going to see a shopping cart with one item only, named “Update Credit Card”, and the amount should be zero.

2. Click on the “Checkout” button according to the image below:

3. Enter your name, address, and contact information under the “Billing Information” section:

4. Enter your new credit card details under the “Payment Information” section:

5. Click “Review Order” and follow the prompts until the end of the process.

Important Notes:

  1. When filling the “Billing Information”, please enter the email you originally used when you first signed up, so the new credit card gets associated with your account immediately. Otherwise, it may duplicate your account and may take a little more time for the new billing info becomes effective;

  2. You won't be billed on your credit card until the invoice due date unless there's any open balance.