Sponsor Stats E-mail is a very important tool for your sponsors to receive the Traffic Statistics of their listings.

(To understand what Traffic Statistics is, please visit this link: Traffic Statistics

To enable your eDirectory to send emails to your sponsors monthly with the Traffic Statistics of their Listings you need to make the following settings:

Requirements for Sponsor Stats Email:

Sponsor Stats & Engagement E-mail is the email that sends monthly listing performance statistics.

You can edit it through Site Manager according to the image below:

Once you've made the changes to the body of the email, don't forget to activate for which listing levels this email will be triggered:

Remember that Sponsor must have enabled in the settings area that he/she accepts receiving messages from eDirectory:

This option can be done either through Sponsor or through the Site Manager, in the Sponsor editing area

Remember that for the email to be triggered all these conditions must be correct:

  • The listing must be active
  • The "Site Analytics" flag on General Settings must be turned on
  • Sponsor must have accepted to receive emails from eDirectory
  • Sponsor account must have a valid email address saved
  • The listing must be at least 30 days old for the first email to be sent
  • The listing must have at least some statistical record saved (detail views, summary, leads, etc) and these records must be dated the month before the current month (if the listing does not have any statistics, no email will be sent)