The eDirectory system allows for the creation and management of Promotional Codes

This feature provides for potential and existing members a discount off their purchases in your eDirectory. 

Promotional Codes can be added and managed through the 'Promotion & Packages' section in the Site Manager.

At the Promotional Code edit/creation screen, the site manager will prompted with following options.

1 - Code: This is the name of your code, and what users will type at checkout screen to redeem it.

For ease of use, choose easy names such as 'promo2021'.

Simple names are much easier to remember and share!

Note: Only alphanumeric codes are accepted.

2 - Type: You may offer a percentage off or a fixed value for your discount.

3 - Amount: Set the amount for this promo code.

Depending on your choice at step 2, you may offer a nice 100% or a $15 coupon.

4 - Duration: This option determines if the costumer may use the promotional code once or indefinitely.

5 - Redeem by: After the set date, the promo code will be considered invalid and no longer accepted.

Note: This date only applies for new purchases.

6 - Available for: Choose which modules the promotional code will work on.

Note: You must choose at least one module.