In our recent update (v13.1.00) it is possible to add a QR code image to redeem the deals instead of just a random or unique code (if you would like to set a unique or random code, check this article).

The first step is to open the deal edit page on sponsor or sitemgr area.

You will see the option “Redeem code options”, just click to add the QR code and upload an image from your device.

You can choose to add a random or unique code with the QR code.

On the front end, when you redeem a deal, the QR code will be shown, and the visitor can choose to redeem the deal using this feature.

Important note: The sponsor (owner of the deal) must provide the QR code image to upload on the system, eDirectory system will just receive the image and show on the deal.

In case you have any questions, contact our support team.