The goal of this article is to demonstrate how you can integrate external services into your online directory, such as a Chat tool that allows your users to interact with your sales and support personnel. You will need an account on Google Tag Manager in order to install the widget correctly. To find more information on how to install GTM, please read this article.

Live Chat Apps

For the purpose of this article, we will use LiveChat but feel free to choose the chat tool of your preference. 

1. First, Log in to your LiveChat account and go to Settings > Channels > Website.

2. Then, click on Copy code.

3. Now go to your Google Tag Manager dashboard.

4. Create a new Tag and select the Custom HTML container.

5. Place the script copied from LiveChat in the HTML box.

7. Add a Trigger - in general, the most used trigger is “Page View - All Pages”, this will make the LiveChat be displayed on all pages of your website.

8. Save the tag/trigger.

9. Publish the changes.

publishing the changes on your Google Tag Manager, go to your directory and the LiveChat widget should be visible on your site within a few minutes.

For more information on Custom Tags, please head to

For more information on Triggers, please visit

Disclaimer: eDirectory is not affiliated with LiveChat or any other chat tools. eDirectory and the eDirectory support team are not responsible for training external integrations and/or third-party tools.