Introducing Market Selection Plugin: A Guide to Tailoring Your Listings

Are you tired of scrolling through endless listings that aren't relevant to your location? Do you wish there was an easier way to find what you're looking for without all the unnecessary clutter? Look no further! Our Market Selection plugin is here to revolutionize the way you browse listings on your site.

What is Market Selection Plugin?

The Market Selection plugin is a powerful tool that allows users to filter site pages to display only listings in a location they set upon landing on the site. This means that users will only see listings in the location they have specified, making it easier than ever to find what they're looking for.

How to Configure Market Selection Plugin

Configuring the Market Selection plugin is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. Define Location Level: First, navigate to Settings and click on the "Languages & Locations" section. Here, you can define which location level will be available for location targeting. Select the desired option and click "Save Changes".

2. Enable Available Locations: Next, you'll need to enable each available location to ensure that users can select them. For example, if on the previous step, you selected to show the market selection for country, navigate to Settings, click on the "Languages & Locations", and click on the "Location data" tab. Make sure to click on "Edit Country" for every country you have on your site as demonstrated below:

Edit each country of the locations, and press the option "Show Market Location". Save your changes.

Note: It is important to point out that if you selected the state on step 1, then when configuring the locations on step 2, you need to click on "Edit State" for each state and check the box for "Show Market Location", and similarly, it is also valid if the location chosen on step 1 is the city, and so on. 

3. Filter Listings: Once the locations are configured on your site, users will see an option to select and filter all system items accordingly. The option will be located on the left side of the site as indicated below:

When a user clicks on this icon, they can see the available locations to filter the listings of the site, and once the location is chosen by the user, all site sections will be filtered for the chosen location. Users can remove the filter at any time using the same selection tool.


Note: The Market Selection integration is a plugin sold separately, if your site does not have the Market Selection settings section, as demonstrated in this article, check this link for more details: Market Selection or contact your dedicated sales representative. 

With the Market Selection plugin, you can customize your browsing experience to suit your customers' specific needs, ensuring that they only see the listings that are relevant to them. Say goodbye to irrelevant clutter and hello to a streamlined browsing experience!

Try out the Market Selection plugin today and take control of your listings like never before.