1. To define which location level will be available to the location targeting, go to “Languages & Locations” session, enter the option wanted and then press “Save Changes”. 
  2. The next step of the configuration is to enable each available location, ensuring that these options will be available for the user to select, go to the Location Data tab and create a new state. The setting is done by editing each level of the locations selected to be available, pressing the option “Show Market Location”. To save the new settings press "Save Changes". 
  3. If one location is available to the level selected for the location targeting, an option will be enabled for the user to select and filter all the system items.
  4. Once the user sets the location, all the blocks of the site even the search will be filtered only for the chosen location. The user can remove the filter any time using the same selection tool.

Common Questions:

Q.: If the market is selected as a city for example. Los Angeles. Will the details of surrounding places within few miles like SantaAna, Anaheim, Woodland Hills, SantaMonica, etc be shown too OR will the listings of the neighboring places be hidden ?
A.: If the SantaAna, Anaheim and Woodland Hills are locations within the city of Los Angeles, they will show, if not, they won't.