Have you recently purchased eDirectory and find yourself unsure of where to begin with the basic setup? Are you feeling lost about the order in which you should configure eDirectory? Fret not! In this article, we will walk you through every step necessary for the basic setup of your site. Follow the exact order of configuration described here, as each step depends on the other for seamless functionality.

1. Domain Change

We'll guide you through a smooth transition to your desired new domain. To initiate the domain change, please email with your site's domain, and our team will proceed with the necessary steps. Additionally, we have an instructional article with all the details for the domain change, please, check it out on this link: Domain Change: How can I proceed to change my domain?

2. Email Sending Configuration

It's crucial to have a mail server for automatic email sending on your site. As an eDirectory client, you are entitled to a mail server with us. If interested, email to let us know you want hosted emails with us, and we'll create the mail server for you, providing credentials. Alternatively, you can use a third-party mail server. Once the mailserver is set up, follow the steps from one of the below articles to configure email sending:

Note: It is possible to configure email sending with other third-party mail servers, if your mail server is not listed above, please, contact them, and request the following information:

Outgoing Server
SMTP Port Number
Required SSL/TLS settings

After you gathered the necessary information, go to Settings → Email sending configuration:

Server: Add the Outgoing server and select the type of authentication below.
Port: Add the port number and select the SSL/TLS settings below.
Email Address: Type an email address you have under your mail server.
Username: Type the same email you typed in the previous field. 
Password: Type your email password and click on "Save changes"

After configuring the email sending, we also recommend configuring the Administrator E-mail by clicking on the tab above and typing your email and checking the box for you to receive notifications on this email account. 

3. Google Integrations

Essential integrations with Google ensure the proper functioning of your site. Follow the instructions in the articles below to configure each Google integration:

How to activate Google Maps and Nearby Results APIs

How to enable Billing for Google Maps

Google Login

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google reCAPTCHA

Domain Verification

Sitemap Submission

4. Payment Integration

To receive payments for ads on your site, you must configure a payment platform. Choose from available platforms:



Mercado Pago (for Latin America market)


Refer to the above articles for each payment platform for configuration details.

5. Locations

Locations are crucial for building your site and allowing clients to select their country, state, and city. Follow these articles for configuring locations: 

How to Configure Location Settings

How do I add Additional Locations to my site?

Follow these steps meticulously, and you'll have your eDirectory site set up for a successful launch. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Happy configuring!