The IDevAffiliate platform seamlessly integrates with eDirectory through our IDev Affiliate plugin, providing site managers with a powerful tool to manage affiliate members. With this plugin, affiliates can generate unique tracking links for listings, classifieds, events, banners, and more on the site. When a user makes a purchase through one of these affiliate links, the affiliate member earns a commission for the sale.

Getting Started with IDevAffiliate

1. Register and Choose a Plan

To begin, register on the IDevAffiliate platform. All tools offered by IDevAffiliate are paid, so explore the Pricing tab and select the plan that best suits your needs.

2. Request Plan Installation

After selecting a plan, navigate to the "My Package" tab and request the installation of your chosen plan. Once your account is successfully created, you're ready to proceed.

Disclaimer: eDirectory is not affiliated with IDevAffiliate, and neither eDirectory nor its team is responsible for training external integrations and/or third-party tools. If you need assistance in the step 2 of this tutorial, please, contact IDevAffiliate official support for guidance on this step or access their official support portal:

3. Create a Generic Tracking Pixel Integration

The next step is to create a new "generic tracking pixel" integration on IDevAffiliate. This integration is crucial for recording sales commissions. Copy the code obtained during this process.

Integrating IDevAffiliate with eDirectory

1. Access General Settings

In your eDirectory dashboard, locate the "Settings" tab, and then the "General Settings" option. Click on the "Plugins" tab, and locate the IDev Affiliate integration Settings section. Here, you'll insert the tracking pixel code obtained on the previous step.

Note: The IDev Affiliate integration is a plugin sold separately, if your site does not have theIDev Affiliate integration section as seen above, check this link for more details: iDev Affiliate Tracker or contact your dedicated sales representative. 

2. Configure Tracking Duration

Within the IDev Affiliate integration Settings section, set the time duration for which users will be tracked after clicking on an affiliate link. Click "Save Changes" to apply the configurations.

3. Create Affiliate Accounts on IDev Affiliate platform

In your administrative dashboard on the IDev Affiliate platform, establish accounts for your affiliates, generating unique marketing links for each. Affiliates will utilize these links to promote your site, and for every purchase made through their unique link, the link owner will receive a commission payment. This streamlined process empowers your affiliates to effectively market your site while earning commissions for their successful referrals.

To get the affiliate link for each customer, click on his profile and hit Login as Affiliate button:

On the user profile, you will find his commission reports and the affiliate link:

We'll delve further into managing your user accounts using the iDev administrative panel shortly. However, a key aspect is the ability to generate logins for your users, granting them access to their personalized dashboard. This dashboard, depicted in the image above, can be accessed through providing a centralized hub for their account management. 

Notice: Replace "" with your site correct domain. 

Furthermore, within your IDev Affiliate administrative area, you gain comprehensive control over your affiliates. You can seamlessly manage their activities, approve commissions, track their sales performance, and access various other insightful metrics. This centralized hub provides you with the tools to efficiently oversee and optimize your affiliate program for maximum effectiveness.

4. Track Sales and Earn Commissions

Now that the integration is set up, affiliates can track sales by having users access any public pages on the system using by add to the URL the following extension: Where the number 103 is related to the Affiliate id number. We have an example below, where we added the ID of our user arcatest:

Notice: Replace "" with your site correct domain. 

You can also get the affiliate URL by following the steps of the item number 3 of this article.

If a user makes a purchase after accessing the site through the affiliate's tracked link, the affiliate will automatically receive a commission inside the IDevAffiliate platform.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the IDevAffiliate plugin with your eDirectory site. This powerful combination allows you to effectively manage affiliate members and incentivize sales through personalized tracking links. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, refer to the IDevAffiliate documentation or reach out to their support team for assistance. Enhance your site's revenue potential by leveraging the benefits of affiliate marketing with IDevAffiliate.