There are different event levels that are customizable. Depending on how you customize each level, the steps may vary slightly.

At your Site Manager, go to "Content -> Events":
 In order to add a event, simply click on "Add Event", at the top right corner:

Then, add the "Event Title". And select the desired level for the event:

Inside "Basic Information", click the "Browse" button to choose relevant categories. Keep in mind that you need to have created categories before you can select them. If you haven't created categories, don't worry, you can create them on this same page, clicking on "Create category" or going to "Content -> Events -> Categories -> Add Category":

The next step is to define the "Account", "Status" and "Renewal Date" for the event. If your event belongs to a plan that enables summary, you can enter a "Summary" for your event. In case the event belongs to a plan that enables description, you can fill in the "Description" field:

Next, fill in the "Keywords for the search" field. Keep in mind that keywords are important as they help users find your event faster. You can also add a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed to your event:

Within "Contact Information", enter the "Phone Number", "Location Name", "Address", "ZIP Code". In case of levels that enable it, you can also enter "Contact Name", "URL" and "Email":

At "Event Date", please enter the "Start Date" and "End Date" of the event. If it is a "Recurring Event", check the option below. For levels that enable it, you are able to set "Start Time" and "End Time":

The "SEO" area is information that helps your event in the Google search. So, fill in all the fields very carefully:

If there is a "Promotional Code", you can enter it:

Then, if the event level enable, you will be able to add a “Photo Gallery”, a “Cover Image” and a “Video” in the top right corner of the screen:

Finally, click "Save Changes" in the upper or lower right corner of the screen.

In order to see your event on the website, return to the "Event" tab under "Content". Click on the desired event. On the right side of the screen you will be able to see a miniature version of the event. There is a "View on website" button, click this button to view your event page on the website.