If you want to keep a backup of your records, you can use the export functionality to export your data and re-import whenever you need to. 


1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, open the Content Manager tab.

2. Once you open Content Manager, click on Export.

3. Then, select which option you would like to export. For this example, I will Export Listing (Same format as Import).

4. Once you chose your option, select the button Export to begin the exporting of your Listings. Depending on the size of your export, it can be nearly instantaneous or take a while. If it seems the export is taking too long to finish, you can email support@edirectory.com. 

5. Once the export is done, click on "Click here to download the file", and it will be downloaded automatically. 


6. Once the export process is complete, you can scroll down to see the exported files. Under the options tab, you can click Download.

Note: You can also use the export feature to update your listings in bulk. You can export the data, and import again keeping the same Listing ID. 

In case you have any further questions, please contact us at support@edirectory.com